Let’s take a moment to talk about narcissists, emotional abuse and some of their impacts.

There is a degree of Narcissism in everyone, however when it surpasses social acceptable norms, it becomes unbearable for other parties. So allow me to ask; Have you ever come across a narcistic character? Simply termed as Narcissism, the buzz word used to try and capture description of someone self-absorbed, centered and self-serving, lacking empathy... Continue Reading →

Birds born in the cage think flying is abnormal!- All lives matter.

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! Words too familiar Birds born in the cage think flying is abnormal, they live in a bubble of the deceit perception and reject anything outside of that perception, thus stay powerless in the bubble. We are one human family with different vast cultures, ethnic groups and nationalities, but only... Continue Reading →

Return of the Eighth Plague – Locusts!

Source: fao.org Know thy enemy. #LocustUpdate #LocustSwarm #locust Nothing responds to a good time as quickly as the dessert locust, eggs that had remained buried in the ground for over 20 years begin to hatch. The Desert Locust is considered the world's most dangerous migratory pest, it threatens human livelihoods by destroying crops, therefore affecting... Continue Reading →

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